9.65.020: DEFINITIONS:
CITY OWNED PARKS, TRAILS, AND RECREATION FACILITIES: All City owned parks, trails, trailheads, and recreation facilities, including parking lots for such facilities.
SMOKING: Smoking means:
   A.   The possession of any lighted or heated tobacco product in any form;
   B.   Inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying any lighted or heated cigar, cigarette, pipe, or hookah that contains:
      1.   Tobacco or any plant product intended for inhalation;
      2.   Shisha or non-tobacco shisha;
      3.   Nicotine;
      4.   A natural or synthetic tobacco substitute; or
      5.   A natural or synthetic flavored tobacco product;
   C.   Using an oral smoking device intended to circumvent the prohibition of smoking in this chapter. (Ord. 18-19, 5-16-2018)