§ 153.003 PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this chapter is to promote the public health, safety and welfare within the Bushkill Creek Watershed by minimizing the damages and maximizing the benefits described in § 153.002 by provisions designed to:
   (A)   Manage stormwater runoff impacts at their source by regulating activities which cause such problems;
   (B)   Utilize and preserve the desirable existing natural drainage systems;
   (C)   Encourage infiltration of stormwater, where appropriate, to maintain groundwater recharge, to prevent degradation of surface and groundwater quality and to otherwise protect water resources;
   (D)   Maintain the existing flows and quality of streams and watercourses in the municipality and the commonwealth;
   (E)   Preserve and restore the flood carrying capacity of streams;
   (F)   Provide for proper maintenance of all permanent stormwater management BMPs that are implemented in the borough;
   (G)   Provide review procedures and performance standards for stormwater planning, design and management;
   (H)   Manage stormwater impacts close to the runoff source which requires a minimum of structures and relies on natural processes;
   (I)   Meet legal water quality requirements under state law, including regulations at 25 Pa. Code Chapter 93.4a to protect and maintain “existing uses” and maintain the level of water quality to support those uses in all streams and to protect and maintain water quality in “special protection” streams;
   (J)   Prevent scour and erosion of streambanks and streambeds; and
   (K)   Provide standards to meet the NPDES permit requirements.*
(Ord. 226-2007, passed 5-7-2007)
Editor’s note:
   * Throughout the chapter, these provisions are from the DEP Guidance on MS4 Ordinance
    Provisions and are not required for municipalities not subject to the NPDES Phase II regulations.