16.04.010: Short Title
16.04.020: Enactment, Overview Enactment Organization
16.04.030: Effective Date
16.04.040: Incorporation Or Repeal Of Other Ordinances And Codes Incorporation Of Ordinances By Reference Incorporation Of Codes By Reference Amendments To Adopted Codes Repealer
16.04.050: Purposes, Goals And Policies Statement Of Purposes Statement Of Goals Statement Of Policies
16.04.060: Severability And Headings Severability Headings
16.04.070: Territorial Application Of This Title Zoning Provisions Other Provisions
16.04.080: Maps Incorporation By Reference Boundary Interpretation Filing And Inspection Of Zone Map Amendments To The Zone Map
16.04.090: Interpretation Liberal Construction Minimum Standard, Conflicting Or Inconsistent Provisions
16.04.100: Applicability Of This Title
16.04.110: Cumulative Requirements; Sequence Of Review Cumulative Requirements Staged Approval
16.04.120: Conformity With This Title; Enforcement Conformity With This Title Duty To Enforce Violation A Public Nuisance Duty Of The Town Attorney Violation A Petty Misdemeanor Each Day A Separate Offense Zoning Enforcement
16.04.130: Permitted Nonconformities Continuation Of Certain Nonconformities Nonconforming Lots Nonconforming Structures, Improvements And Uses Effect On Safety Exception For Actual Construction