Article A. General Provisions
4-101: Definitions
4-102: Animals Not To Be At Large
4-103: Turning Animals At Large Unlawful
4-104: Pasturing In Public Areas Illegal
4-105: Certain Animals Prohibited
4-106: Animals Which Disturb Prohibited
4-107: Buildings For Animals, Construction And Conditions
4-108: Indecent Exhibition Of Animals
4-109: Location Of Kennels
4-110: Structures To Be Kept Clean
4-111: Disposal Of Manure
4-112: Health Officer To Inspect
Article B. Dog Vaccination, Tags And Tax
4-120: Dogs To Be Vaccinated
4-121: Dog Tax, Registration, Tag
4-122: Tag To Be Placed On Dog Collar; Lost Tags
4-123: Tags; Counterfeiting, Placing On Other Dogs
4-124: Dogs Muzzled And Cats Confined
4-125: Vicious Animals
4-126: Confinement Of Rabid Animals
4-127: Rabid Dog May Be Killed
Article C. Animal Pound
4-130: Pound Established
4-131: Animals To Be Impounded; Notice
4-132: Breaking Pound
4-133: Fees For Impounding
4-134: Owner May Redeem
4-135: Sale Of Impounded Animals
4-136: Owner May Claim Excess Money
Article D. Cruelty To Animals
4-140: Cruelty To Animals
4-141: Poisoning Animals
4-142: Encouraging Animals To Fight
Article E. Zoning Ordinance To Prevail
4-150: Zoning Ordinance To Prevail
Article F. Bird Sanctuary
4-160: Bird Sanctuary
Article G. Penalties
4-170: Penalty