769.05  PERMIT.
   (a)   Each Mobile Food Vehicle Operator shall, prior to commencing operations within the City, pay an annual, nonrefundable permit fee to the Zoning Administrator in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00).
   (b)   The City shall, no later than fourteen (14) days after receiving (i) a fully executed application for registration to operate a Mobile Food Vehcile within the City, (ii) all other required documents and information and, (iii) an annual permit fee, issue a permit to the Mobile Food Vehicle Operator to operate the Mobile Food Vehicle within the City.
   (c)   Mobile Food Vehicle Permits must be on display, on the vehicle, in full sight for all to see at all times while the Mobile Food Vehicle is operating within the City.
   (d)   Mobile Food Vehicle permits are specific to the Mobile Food Vehicle Operator and the Mobile Food Vehicle.
   (e)   Mobile Food Vehicle permits will automatically expire each year on December 31.
   (f)   No annual permit fee shall be required of Mobile Food Vehicles or Mobile Food Vehicle Operators owned or compensated by a food establishment currently operating within the boundaries of the City, from a fixed location (i.e., from owned or leased real property), and in compliance with all other applicable, local regulations.
(Ord. 29-2021.  Passed 5-17-21.)