The following terms shall have the following meanings when used in this chapter:
   (a)   The Zoning Administrator shall mean the Zoning Administrator of the City of Sylvania.
   (b)   The Tax Administrator shall mean the Income Tax Commissioner of the City of Sylvania.
   (c)   Food Establishment shall mean a business operation or any part thereof that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends or otherwise provides foot and/or beverages for human consumption.
   (d)   Mobile Food Vehicle shall mean a Food Establishment that is located upon a vehicle including motorcycles and bicycles, or which is pulled by a vehicle.  This definition includes mobile food kitchens, pushcart vendors, bicycle cart vendors, mobile food trucks, canteen trucks and coffee trucks.
   (e)   Mobile Food Vehicle Operator shall mean any and all persons associated with the operation of a Mobile Food Vehicle for which registration has been made to operate the Mobile Food Vehicle within the City.
      (Ord. 29-2021.  Passed 5-17-21.)