(a)    All legislative action by the Council shall be by ordinance or resolution introduced in written or printed form. An affirmative vote of at least a majority of the members of Council shall be required for the passage of every ordinance or resolution. (Adopted 9-6-61.)
   (b)    Ordinances and resolutions shall be read once prior to passage by reading aloud a descriptive title or summary thereof and stating the number assigned to such ordinance, except that, if any four Council members so request, the reading shall be of the full text of the ordinance or resolution. If any three members of Council so request, the reading of any ordinance or resolution, whether by title or full text, shall be required to occur on three different days. Each request for reading by full text, and for reading on three different days, shall be entered upon the journal of Council with the names of the members making the request.  (Amended 11-3-20.)
   (c)    No ordinance or resolution shall contain more than one general subject, which subject shall be clearly expressed in its title. Any ordinance or resolution revising or amending previous legislation shall set forth the entire section or sections thereof so revised or amended, as revised or amended, and the original section or sections, so revised or amended, shall be deemed repealed.
   (d)    The Council may adopt standard codes prepared by public or private agencies on such matters as fire prevention, building construction, electric wiring, plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and similar subjects by reference to the date and source of such codes without reproducing the same at length in the adopting ordinance. In case of such adoption, publication of the code at length shall not be required but there shall be at the time of adoption thereof and at all times thereafter on file for public inspection in the Office of the Clerk-Auditor of the City at least one copy of such code. The Clerk-Auditor shall make additional copies thereof available for sale to interested persons at such prices as may be established by Council.
   (e)    Revisions, codifications or rearrangements of ordinances may be published in book form if so specified therein. If so revised, codified or rearranged under appropriate titles, chapters and sections, such revisions, codifications or rearrangements may be made in one ordinance comprising one or more subjects. The publication in book form as aforesaid with certification of the passage and adoption thereof by the Clerk-Auditor shall constitute sufficient publication of the ordinance or ordinances contained therein. The book so published and certified shall be received as evidence in any Court, for the purpose of proving the ordinance or ordinances therein contained, in the same manner and for the same purpose as the original book, ordinances, minutes or journal would be received. If a revision, codification or rearrangement of ordinances contains new matter not previously published, a notice of the enactment thereof, setting forth the titles of the ordinances and the titles of the chapters and sections containing such new matter, shall be published in the manner provided in Section 12.0 of this Article, which notice shall constitute a sufficient publication of such new matter.