(a)   No person shall violate or cause or knowingly permit to be violated any of the foregoing provisions, or fail to comply with any of such provisions or with any lawful requirements of any public authority, or knowingly use or cause or permit the use of any lands in violation of these provisions or in violation of any permit granted under these provisions.
   (b)   If it appears that a violation of any of these provisions has occurred, the owner and developer will be notified by the City of Sylvania, Ohio, Department of Public Service of deficiencies or noncompliance in the form of a Notice of Violation (NOV), return receipt requested.  If within 3 working days after receipt of the NOV, the owner has failed to provide the City with a reasonable plan for resolving the issue, or in the alternative provides a basis for its position that it is not in violation, the owner and developer may be considered in violation of these provisions.
   (c)   Where there is a violation of these provisions, the City may take all reasonable actions necessary to enforce its code and correct any violations, including but not limited to seeking an injunction or other appropriate relief to abate excessive erosion or sedimentation and secure compliance with these Rules.  In granting relief, a court may order the construction of sediment control improvements or implementation of other control measures.
(Ord. 36-2015.  Passed 5-18-15.)