When any person now or hereafter owning or operating any conduits in the streets, alleys or public grounds of the City receives notice from the Director of Public Service that a local improvement is to be made by the City, or a sewer, gas or water main is to be repaired or conduit is to be laid, and that it shall be necessary that such conduit be moved or altered, specifying what change shall be necessary to accommodate the contemplated improvement or repair, then such person shall move or alter such conduit at his own expense, so as to permit the constructing or repairing of the improvement ordered, or the sewer, gas or water main to be laid or repaired, and should any such person fail within five days of the notice to comply with the same, the Director of Public Service shall cause such conduit to be moved or altered, as the necessity may require, at the cost of the person owning or operating the conduit, the same to be recovered by the Director of Law in a court of competent jurisdiction.
(Ord. 39-76. Passed 7-7-76.)