(a)   Notice of Violation.  When the City finds that a person has violated a prohibition or failed to meet a requirement of this regulation, the City may order compliance by written Notice of Violation.  Such notice must specify the violation and shall be hand delivered, and/or sent by registered mail, to the owner/operator of the facility.
   (b)   If abatement of a violation and/or restoration of affected property is required, the Notice of Violation shall set forth a deadline within which such remediation or restoration must be completed.  Said Notice shall further advise that, should the facility owner/operator fail to remediate or restore within the established deadline, a legal action for enforcement may be initiated.
   (c)   Any person receiving a Notice of Violation must meet compliance standards within the time established in the Notice of Violation.
   (d)   Injunctive Relief.  It shall be unlawful for any owner/operator to violate any provision or fail to comply with any of the requirements of this regulation pursuant to Ohio R.C. 3709.211.  If an owner/operator has violated or continues to violate the provisions of this regulation, the City may petition for a preliminary or permanent injunction restraining the owner/operator from activities that would create further violations or compelling the owner/operator to perform abatement or remediation of the violation.
(Ord. 9-2011.  Passed 2-7-11.)