(a)     All applications for water service shall be made by contract between the record title owner of the property to be served and the City,  provided however, that an agent who represents himself to be authorized by the owner may make the application and contract on behalf of the owner upon agreeing to be personally liable for water and sewer charges and providing such security as the Director may require.  Within fourteen days of the signing of any contract for water service with the City, proper proof of ownership of the premises to be served shall be presented to the City.  Should proper proof of ownership not be presented within fourteen days, the City shall have the right to cancel the contract and to terminate the water service provided to the premises.
   (b)  As used in this section, "proper proof of ownership" means either the original or a photocopy of the owner's deed, land contract, or similar document setting forth the ownership of the property to be served.
     (c)     As used in this section, "record title owner" includes the grantee or grantees named in a deed which grantee or grantees are also listed as the current owner or owners on the records of the Auditor of Lucas County, Ohio, Real Estate Division, and shall also include the land contract vendee or vendees of such a grantee or grantees.
   (d)    In the event that the record title owner of the property to be served is a corporation, partnership, association or other entity, the application for water service shall be signed by a duly authorized officer of such entity.
(Ord.  59-2017.  Passed 9-18-17.)