The owners of private fire hydrants attached to the City water distribution system shall pay the City through the Division of Utilities, a fire hydrant maintenance charge of five dollars ($5.00) per month per hydrant.  Fire hydrants and fire lines shall meet City standards.  Where fire mains are connected to the City water system, a charge of two dollars ($2.00) monthly per inch diameter of such mains shall be made.  Such charges shall cover routine operation and maintenance of the fire main system.  Repairs of lines and hydrants and replacement of parts, when necessary, shall be billed in addition to the above charges at cost of labor, materials and equipment plus ten percent (10%) overhead costs.  These charges shall be billed and paid monthly in the same manner as the water bills and subject to the penalties prescribed in Section 923.09.  (Ord.  59-2017.  Passed 9-18-17.)