Ord. No.   Date   Description
   6-19-91   Vacate Main St. from Summit St. to center of Ottawa River.
   1-25-16   Vacate (narrow) South St. between Division St. and Ohio Ave.
37-68   7-15-68   Portion of Kinsman Dr.
19-76   4-5-76   Portion of Pyle St. (Drive) west of Alger Dr. in Whetstone Park.
83-76   11-15-76   Portion of street or alley between Lots 3, 4, 5, 12, 13 and 14 of Parker's Addition.
19-78   3-20-78   Vacate portion of Kinsman Drive between Silica Drive and Maple Drive.
103-84   11-19-84   Portion of Shady Wood Lane in Summer Breeze Estates Plat 1.
65-85   8-19-85   Portion of Olde Post Rd. in Sleepy Hollow, Plat 1.
112-87   11-2-87   Portion of McCord Rd.
105-89   11-6-89   Portion of Firth Rd., subject to utilities easements.
87-90   9-5-90   Vacates the north 728.62 ft. of Cushman Rd., all of Stella St. and the north 424.33 ft. of Balfour St.
113-90   10-15-90   Amends Ord. 87-90 by providing measurement of portion of Cushman Rd. to be vacated (along centerline of Cushman Rd.)
34-91   4-15-91   Vacates part of Section 8, Town 9, South Range 6 East, north of northerly right-of-way line of Whispering Oak Dr. extended westerly.
79-93   7-7-93   Granville Dr. north of Grenlock Dr.
15-95   2-22-95   Portion of Old Carey Rd. south of Monroe St. and northwesterly of Corey Rd.
15-97   2-3-97   Vacates westerly portion of Firth Rd. between Lots 62 and 67, Haverford Addition; see also Tables B and E.
66-98   6-15-98   Vacates 30 ft.  r-o-w line between Lots 9 and 10 on Allison Lane, Zenon Woods Subdivision.  See Table E.
41-2014   7-21-14   Vacates portion of High St., reserving to the City a water and sanitary sewer easement.