No person shall keep a house or place of ill fame or assignation for the purpose of prostitution or lewdness, or a house or place for persons to visit for unlawful sexual intercourse or for any other lewd, obscene or indecent purpose, or a disorderly house or place, or a place of public resort by which the peace, comfort or decency of a neighborhood is disturbed, or, as agent or owner, let a place, building or portion thereof knowing that it is intended to be used for a purpose specified in this section, or being the owner or agent, of such building or portion thereof, or the keeper of such house of ill fame, prostitution or assignation where lewdness exists, keep, harbor or employ a person over four and under sixteen years of age or allows such person to remain in or about such place of assignation or house of ill fame, or knowingly permit a place, building or portion of a building to be so used.  The house, buildings, portions of buildings and places mentioned in this section are hereby declared to be public nuisances and the Municipal Court shall order them abated.
(Ord. 68-73.  Passed 12-17-73.)