A.   Function: It shall be the function and duty of the Fire Department and every member thereof to extinguish accidental or destructive fires and to prevent the occurrence or spread of such fires. (1988 Code §5.406)
   B.   Obedience To Orders; Unnecessary Force: It shall be the duty of every member of the Fire Department to conduct himself in a proper and law abiding manner, at all times, and to avoid the use of unnecessary force. Each member of the department shall obey the orders and directions of his superior. (1988 Code §5.407)
   C.   Enforcement Of Code: It shall be the duty of all members of the Fire Department to see that the provisions of this Code relating to the Fire Department and its work are enforced and to that end all such members are hereby vested with the usual power and authority of police officers. (1988 Code §5.408)