A.   General Personnel: Except for the Fire Chief, members of the Fire Department shall, after examination, be appointed by the Fire and Police Commissioners 1 and promotions shall be made in like manner as is provided by law 2 , except for POC officers. (1988 Code §5.402; amd. 1994 Code)
   B.   Fire Chief: The Fire Chief shall be appointed by the City Manager with the approval of the Council, but such appointment shall not be limited to members of the Fire Department. The Fire Chief may be removed from office with or without cause by the City Manager and four-fifths (4/5) of the Council; however, a firefighter not otherwise subject to dismissal by the Council shall not be dismissed as a firefighter merely by his dismissal from the Office of Fire Chief, but shall resume his rank within the Fire Department held immediately prior to his appointment as Chief with seniority added for his time in office as Chief. (Ord. 97.46, 8-18-1997; amd. Ord. 2002.95, 4-21-2003)
   C.   Part Time And Volunteer Firefighters: Part time or volunteer firefighters and POC officers shall be appointed by the City Manager with the consent of the Council; shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age; shall have a valid Illinois driver's license; and, shall have successfully completed a Sycamore Fire Department physical and background investigation. (Ord. 2002.84, 3-17-2003; amd. Ord. 2002.95, 4-21-2003)
   D.   Discharges: No fireman shall be discharged, except after a hearing before the Fire and Police Commissioners as is provided by statute 3 . (1988 Code §5.402)



1. See title 2, chapter 4 of this Code.
2. 65 ILCS 5/10-2.1-4.
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