A.   Chairman: The Mayor shall name one member of the commission to be the Chairman thereof, who shall serve as such Chairman until removed therefrom by the Mayor. The removal of said Chairman by the Mayor shall not terminate his term as a member of the commission.
   B.   Secretary And Other Officers: The Mayor shall appoint a Secretary and the commission shall elect such other officers from its own membership as it shall deem necessary.
   C.   Bylaws: The commission shall adopt such bylaws regulating the time, place and manner of holding its meetings and conducting its business, as may, in the judgment of said commission, be proper and necessary in carrying on the work of the commission.
   D.   Records And Reports: Said commission shall keep a written record of its proceedings, which shall be open at all times to public inspection and shall also file an annual report with the City Council setting forth its transactions and recommendations. In all instances said commission shall report directly to the City Council. (Ord. 2019.01, 5-6-2019)