A.   Terms Of Office:
      1.   Ex Officio Members: The members of the commission serving ex officio shall serve for the term of their respective Municipal offices.
      2.   Representatives: Those members of the commission representing the City Council, Board of Education and Park District shall serve on and be members of the commission only while holding membership in the respective organization that they represent. Any such member, upon termination of his membership in the organization he represents, shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the Sycamore Planning and Zoning Commission.
         a.   City Council: The term of the member representing the City Council shall be for two (2) years. In the first instance the member appointed representing the City Council shall be appointed for a term expiring May 1.
         b.   Board Of Education: The term of the member representing the Board of Education shall be for two (2) years.
         c.   Park Board: The term of the member representing the Sycamore Park Board shall be for a period of two (2) years.
         d.   Other Boards: With respect to the members representing the various governmental boards, said boards shall recommend to the Mayor the name of one of their number who shall serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Mayor may ask for a second recommendation, but in any event shall appoint one of the two (2) persons so recommended by said governmental bodies.
   B.   Vacancies: All vacancies occurring in the commission shall be filled by appointment, for the remainder of the unexpired term of office only, in the same manner as the original appointments.
   C.   Removals: Any member of the commission may be removed therefrom by the Mayor, subject to ratification by the City Council, for due cause shown.
   D.   Compensation: All members of the commission shall serve without compensation, except the Secretary, who shall be paid a salary in an amount set by the commission and paid out of funds received by the commission. (Ord. 2019.01, 5-6-2019)