The following sections of the Illinois Plumbing Code, 2014 Edition are hereby revised as follows:
In all chapters and sections, where "name of jurisdiction" and/or "chief appointing authority of the jurisdiction" is written, insert "City of Sycamore."
Section 890.180 Sewer and Water Pipe Installation. Amended as follows:
Add subsection g).
g) Connections between sewer piping of dissimilar materials shall be made with a No-Shear style coupling with a full width stainless steel band.
Add subsection h).
h) All buried nonmetallic water service pipe shall be installed with a parallel tracer wire per city specifications to be used for locating the pipe after burial.
Section 890.1130 Protection of Potable Water. Amended as follows: Add subsection c) 1).
c) 1) Any Building intended for use other than as a residential dwelling shall have a properly sized Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Prevention Assembly installed immediately downstream of the water meter. Results of the initial test of the RPZ assembly must be submitted to the Sycamore Water Department (or its designated agent), and a copy forwarded to the building department, prior to final occupancy.
Section 890.1150 Water Service Pipe Installation. Amended as follows: Deleted subsection a) 3) and replaced with:
a) 3) The minimum depth for any water service pipe shall be 66 inches.
Section 890.1200 Water Service Sizing. Amended as follows:
Subsection a) - Delete "Water service pipe and fittings shall be at least 3/4 inch diameter" and replace with "Water service pipe and fittings shall be at least 1 inch diameter".
890.1210 Design of a Building Water Distribution System. Amended as follows: Add j).
j) All new family dwellings shall have provisions made for water softener installation. The piping shall have a three (3) valve bypass arranged to provide softened water to all fixtures except for outside lawn hydrants, sill cocks, and cold water supply to kitchen sink. Connections and provisions shall be made for a properly sized and vented drain within five (5) feet of water softener. Bypass connections for future use shall be connected to form a continuous loop. Exceptions must be requested in writing to the Building and Engineering Department.
890.1360 Sanitary Wastes below Sewer. Amended as follows:
Delete a) 1) and replace with:
In all new buildings with plumbing fixtures or drains located below the outside grade, and buildings undergoing renovation to the plumbing system below the outside grade, such fixtures or drains shall discharge into a gas-tight, covered and vented sump from which the waste shall be lifted and discharged into a sanitary waste drain by automatic sewage ejection pumping equipment (overhead sewer). (See Appendix J. Illustration K.)
Delete subsection b) and replace with:
Design. Sump and pumping equipment shall be designed and installed to discharge, during the pumping cycle, all contents (including future rough-in fixtures) accumulated in the sump except for sump contents that must remain in the sump for the continued proper operation of the pumping equipment (e.g., contents needed to submerge or prime the pump) according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
Section 890.1370 Floor Drains. Amended as follows: Add subsection a) 6).
a) 6) When installed above living and/or occupied areas, water heaters and/or clothes washing machines shall have impervious flooring and a floor drain (minimum 2" diameter) installed in the same room as the appliance. Alternatively, the appliance may be equipped with a safe pan with a minimum 2" trapped and vented drain.
Section 890.1910 Inspections. Amended as follows: Add subsection a).
a) At the time of inspection, all newly installed or modified piping for potable water distribution shall be pressurized with the static water pressure supplied by the municipal water system. Alternatively, the water piping may be tested by filling with 100 psi compressed air.
Appendix A. Amended as follows:
Delete agency note 4 for Approved Building Drainage/Vent Pipe and replace with:
PVC pipe with cellular core is approved only for gravity drainage and venting and shall be approved for above ground use only.
Delete Approved Materials for Building Sewer and replace with:
The building sewer, including all pipe and fittings, shall be either standard strength or extra heavy cast iron soil pipe (ASTM A74-2009) with approved gaskets or cement lined bituminous coated ductile iron pipe, class 52 or greater, (ASTM A377-2008e1) with slip seal or push-on joints or extra heavy wall PVC SDR-26 plastic pipe, (ASTM D 3034-2008), with gasket joints (ASTM D 3212-2013 and F477). No solvent cemented joints will be permitted, except when transitioning from PVC schedule 40 building drain to SDR-26 Building sewer. (See Section 890.180)
Delete Approved Materials for Water Service Pipe and replace with:
Water service pipe with a diameter of two inches (2") or less shall be either:
Copper/copper alloy - type K, (ASTM B42-2010 or ASTM B88-2009) or
Polyethylene (ASTM D2239-2012A or ASTM D2737-2012a).
Water service pipe with a diameter greater than two inches (2") shall be ductile cast iron pipe, class 52 or greater (ASTM A377-2008e1).
(Ord. 2019.20, 9-16-2019, eff. 1-1-2020)