The following sections of the International Existing Building Code, 2015 Edition are hereby revised as follows:
In all chapters and sections, where "name of jurisdiction" and/or "chief appointing authority of the jurisdiction" is written, insert "City of Sycamore."
1401.2 Applicability. Amended as follows: Structures existing prior to the date of adoption of the current code in which there is work involving additions, alterations or changes of occupancy shall be made to conform to the requirements of this Chapter or the provisions of Chapters 5 through 13. The provisions of Sections 1401.2.1 through 1401.2.5 shall apply to existing occupancies that will continue to be, or are proposed to be, in Groups A, B, E, F, I-2, M, R and S. These provisions shall not apply to buildings with occupancies in Group H or I-1, I-3 or I-4.
(Ord. 2019.20, 9-16-2019, eff. 1-1-2020)