A.   The placement and use of rural-type, freestanding, individual mailboxes at the curb on the city right-of-way in front of each residence is permitted and recommended.
   B.   Wherever curbside mailboxes are required to be used in the city, the standards for placement of said mailboxes are as follows: the face of the mailbox (or nearest supporting member) shall be at least six inches (6") behind the face of the curb and no further than eight inches (8") behind the face of the curb. Any horizontal member that supports the mailbox shall not project beyond the front of the mailbox. The bottom of the mailbox shall be at least forty-one inches (41") but not more than forty-five inches (45") above the top surface of the curb below. The vertical member(s) of the standard for the support of the mailbox must be a minimum of ten inches (10") behind the face of the curb, must be of wood that is resistant to decay or of various metals that provide adequate support and must be buried to a minimum depth of twenty-four inches (24") for stability. The standard and properly mounted mailbox must be installed prior to the final inspection so that verification may be made as to proper installation.
   C.   Property owners shall be responsible for repairing, replacing and maintaining said mailboxes in compliance with this section. The city will not replace or repair any damaged mailbox except in the case of a properly maintained mailbox that was damaged by city vehicles.
   D.   The placement of "cluster boxes" for delivery within the city right-of-way is not permitted in single-family residential zoned areas.
(Ord. 2019.20, 9-16-2019, eff. 1-1-2020)