A.   Streets: The use of streets for the temporary storage of materials in the process of construction or alteration of a building or structure may be granted by the Director of Building and Engineering or his/her designee where the same will not unduly interfere with traffic and will not reduce the useable width of the roadway to less than eighteen feet (18'). No portion of the street other than that directly abutting on the premises on which work is being performed shall be used, except with the consent of the owner or occupant of the premises abutting on such portion.
   B.   Sidewalks: No sidewalk shall be obstructed in the course of building construction or alteration without approval of the Director of Building and Engineering or his/her designee, and whenever removal of a sidewalk is required, the replacement of said sidewalk shall be at the applicant's expense and in accordance with the city's standards and specifications. No construction or excavation vehicle shall be driven on, over, or upon the sidewalk, except where there are finished driveways intersecting said sidewalk.
(Ord. 2019.20, 9-16-2019, eff. 1-1-2020)