The language set forth in the text of this Title shall be applied in accordance with the following rules:
   A.   The singular number includes the plural and the plural singular.
   B.   The present tense includes the past and future tenses and the future the present.
   C.   The word "shall" is mandatory, while the word, "may" is permissive. (1988 Code §9.104)
The following words and terms, wherever they occur in this Chapter, shall be construed as herein defined.
   ALLEY: A public right of way located at the side or rear of properties, which affords a secondary means of access to properties abutting upon a street.
   BLOCK: A tract of land bounded by streets, parks, cemeteries, railroad rights of way, drainage ditches or other similar natural boundaries.
   BUILDING SETBACK LINE: A line running parallel to the street right-of-way line at a distance equal to or greater than the front yard requirement of the Sycamore Zoning Ordinance.
   CROSSWALK: A right of way across a block or providing access within a block, to be used primarily by pedestrians.
   CUL-DE-SAC: A street having one open end and being terminated at the other end by a vehicular turnaround.
   EASEMENT: A grant by a property owner for the use of a portion of land by others for a specific purpose or purposes.
   LOT: A parcel of land legally described as a distinct portion or piece of land of record.
   PLAT, FINAL: A drawing submitted for the final approval of a subdivision of land and which will be recorded.
   PLAT, PRELIMINARY: A drawing submitted by the subdivider for discussion, review and approval but not for recording purposes.
   STREET, COLLECTOR: A street of considerable continuity which carries traffic from minor streets to secondary or primary streets, including the principal entrance streets of residential developments and the principal circulating streets within such a development.
   STREET, MINOR: A street of limited continuity, used primarily for access to abutting properties and the local needs of the neighborhood.
   STREET, PRIMARY: A street that will provide for heavy traffic of considerable continuity that is, or that will be, used as a connection between various districts of the City and adjoining communities.
   STREET, SECONDARY: A street which carries traffic from such facilities as schools, churches, shopping areas and employment centers to high population densities and to primary streets.
   SUBDIVISION: A division of a lot, tract or parcel of land into two (2) or more lots, parcels or other divisions of land, or a resubdivision of a lot for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of transfer of ownership or building development, including all changes in street or lot lines; provided, however, that a division of land for agricultural purposes in parcels of more than ten (10) acres, not involving any new street or easement of access shall be exempted. (1988 Code §9.105)