§ 110.05  INSPECTION.
   (A)   Generally.  The County Health Department shall inspect bed and breakfast establishments and/or retail food establishments at least once every six months. Additional inspections may be performed as often as necessary for the efficient and effective enforcement of this chapter.
   (B)   Temporary food establishment. The County Health Department shall inspect temporary food establishments prior to beginning any operations and as often as necessary to assure compliance with this chapter.
   (C)   Access allowed at reasonable times after due notice.
      (1)   The Health Department, upon proper identification, shall be permitted to enter any food service at any reasonable time and shall be permitted access to all parts of the food service for the purpose of making inspections to determine compliance with this chapter. The County Health Department shall be permitted to examine records maintained by the food service to obtain information pertaining to the source of food and supplies in the food service or relevant to the enforcement of this chapter.
      (2)   Access is a condition of the acceptance and retention of a retail food establishment permit to operate.
      (3)   If access is denied, an order issued by the appropriate authority allowing access may be obtained by law (see I.C. 16-20-1-26).
   (D)   Inspection reports. At the conclusion of the inspection, the County Health Department shall provide a copy of the completed inspection report and the notice to correct violations to the operator or to the person-in charge, as required under I.C. 16-20-8.
   (E)   Timely correction of critical violations.
      (1)   Except as specified in division (E)(2), an operator shall at the time of inspection correct a critical violation of 410 I.A.C. 7-15.5, 410 I.A.C. 7-24 and/or 410 I.A.C. 7-22 and implement corrective actions for a HACCP plan provision that is not in compliance with its critical limit.
      (2)   Considering the nature of the potential hazard involved and the complexity of the corrective action needed, the County Health Department may agree to or specify a longer time frame after the inspection, for the operator to correct critical code violations or HACCP plan deviations.
      (3)   After receiving notification that the operator has corrected a critical violation or HACCP plan deviation, or at the end of the specified period of time, the County Health Department shall verify correction of the violation, document the information on an inspection report, and enter the report in the County Health Department’s records.
   (F)   Refusal to sign acknowledgement.
      (1)   Refusal to sign an acknowledgement of receipt will not affect the operator’s obligation to correct the violations noted in the inspection report within the time frames specified.
      (2)   A refusal to sign an acknowledgement of receipt is noted in the inspection report and conveyed to the County Health Department historical records for the bed and breakfast establishment and/or retail food establishment.
      (3)   The operator is not necessarily in agreement with the findings of the County Health Department inspection by acknowledgement of receipt.
   (G)   Public information. Except as specified in Section 194 (Trade Secrets) of 410 I.A.C. 7-24, the County Health Department shall treat the inspection report as a public document and shall make it available for disclosure to a person who requests it as provided by law.
(Ord. 05-16-2016-4, passed 5-16-2016)