(A)   The authority and responsibility for properly administering this chapter and referral of complaints hereunder to the Commissioner as set forth in division (B) below shall be vested in the Chief Executive Officer of the county.
   (B)   Notwithstanding the provisions of I.C. 22-9.5-4-8, the county, because of a lack of financial and other resources necessary to fully administer enforcement proceedings and possible civil actions under this chapter, herein elects to refer all formal complaints of violation of the articles of this chapter by complainants to the State Civil Rights Commission for administrative enforcement actions pursuant to I.C. 22-9.5-6 and the Chief Executive Official of the county shall refer all said complaints to the Commission as provided for under division (A) above to said Commission for purposes of investigation, resolution, and appropriate relief as provided for under I.C. 22-9.5-6.
   (C)   All executive departments and agencies of the county shall administer their departments, programs, and activities relating to housing and urban development in a manner affirmatively to further the purposes of this chapter and shall cooperate with the Chief Executive Official and the Commission to further such purposes.
   (D)   The Chief Executive Official of the county, or the Chief Executive Official’s designee, shall provide information on remedies available to any aggrieved person or complainant requesting such information.
(Ord. 96-07-01-8, passed 7-1-1996; Ord. 08-01-2016-1, passed 8-1-2016)