(A)   Before commencement of construction of any building or private sewage disposal system or privy, or where any alteration, repair, or addition of existing private sewage disposal system is planned, the owner or agent of the owner shall first obtain:
      (1)   Satisfactory soils report from a licensed soil scientist showing at least two locations on the property for the absorption field; and
      (2)   A written permit signed by the County Sanitarian. The application for such permit shall be made on a form provided by the county, which application shall be supplemented by any plans, specifications, and other information as is deemed necessary by the County Sanitarian; which permit shall be good for a period of 12 months from the date of issuance. A permit and inspection fee of $50 shall be paid to the County Health Fund at the time the application is filed.
   (B)   A permit for a private sewage disposal system or privy shall not become effective until the installation is completed to the satisfaction of the County Sanitarian. He or she, or his or her agent, shall be allowed to inspect the work at any stage of construction and, in any event, the applicant for the permit shall notify the County Sanitarian when the work is ready for final inspection, and before any underground portions are covered. The inspection shall be made within two working days of the receipt of notice by the County Sanitarian.
   (C)   The County Sanitarian or his or her agent bearing proper credentials and identifications shall be permitted to enter upon all properties at the proper time for purposes of inspections, observation, measurement, sampling, and testing necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter.
   (D)   If at any time a sewage district is formed within the county, it will, by virtue of its ordinance, be the enforcing entity of that district. The district will be responsible for supervising its ordinance in all aspects. The County Health Department will at any time assist the districts when required by same.
   (E)   (1)   An inspection shall be conducted by the County Health Department, within two weeks of request, of an existing sewage disposal system. The request must be in writing and from the homeowner or his or her agent. The system must be brought up to current standards outlined in this chapter if:
         (a)   There is no permit on file at the County Health Department;
         (b)   There is any sink, washer, or effluent drain water discharging anywhere to the surface of the ground;
         (c)   System failure has occurred; or
         (d)   Any violation is reported and/or observed by the Health Department.
      (2)   A homeowner shall be required to obtain a new permit and a test by a soil scientist on any failed system and on all upgrades. A written report will be sent to the person making the request. A fee of $50 must be received by the Health Department before written report is sent.
(Ord. 04-15-02, passed 4-15-2002)