(A)   A four-inch clean-out port with secure gas-tight lid must be installed immediately outside residence at the beginning of the outside sewer line. It must be easily accessible.
   (B)   All sewer lines from residence to septic tank and from septic tank to distribution boxes must be at least four inches Schedule 40 PVC.
   (C)   A 1,000-gallon septic tank is the minimum size tank allowed and must be approved by the State Board of Health. No cast in place septic tanks will be allowed.
   (D)   All pipe connections must be cemented.
   (E)   Absorption lines must be uniformly level throughout its length.
   (F)   Stone must be eight inches beneath tile and four inches above tile. Stone must be uniform and level across width of absorption trench.
   (G)   When absorption trenches are covered, final grade must be mounded over (convex) width of trench as to shed surface water.
   (H)   Distribution boxes must be filled with water to indicate levelness.
(Ord. 04-15-02, passed 4-15-2002)