(A)   The owner, or agent of the owner, prior to receiving a permit to install a residential sewage disposal system must submit:
      (1)   Satisfactory soils report from a licensed soil scientist showing at least two locations on the property for the absorption field; and
      (2)   Written plans of the proposed sewage disposal system, which plans must be received and approved by the County Sanitarian before any construction begins.
   (B)   At any time a community sanitary sewage system becomes available, the on-site sewage disposal system must be properly abandoned and direct connection made to the community system, unless temporary continued use is provided by state law.
   (C)   (1)   No privies will be allowed within a sewer district.
      (2)   Any existing privy in a sewer district must be properly abandoned.
      (3)   Any privy outside a sewer district shall be maintained in a clean condition.
   (D)   Minimum lot size for a sewage disposal system will be 50,000 square feet (one and one-eighth acres); this includes subdivisions. Each person must have 50,000 square feet even if cluster systems are used. Lots may be downsized if a community sanitary sewage system is approved by the State Board of Health, installed, and maintained.
(Ord. 04-15-02, passed 4-15-2002)