(A)   General. Every grantee shall offer service that meets the current and future needs of the county, taking into account the costs of meeting those needs. The franchise agreement shall incorporate a description of the grantee’s application including the general design and capabilities of the system to identify for the county how the system will meet the current and future cable service needs of the county.
   (B)   State-of-the-art review. The franchise agreement shall include provisions to ensure cable service and cable system compatibility with changes in law, technology and programming and services to maintain a state-of-the-art system throughout the franchise term.
   (C)   The system. Every system shall pass by every single-family dwelling unit and multiple-family dwelling unit within the franchise area in accordance with line extension policies set forth in this chapter. Service shall be provided to subscribers in accordance with the schedules and line extension. Unless specified otherwise, service shall also be extended to commercial buildings on a consistent basis with the residential line extension policies.
(Ord. passed 12-19-2005)