Sec. 5-44. Issuance.
   (a)   Generally. When proper application for a permit has been made and the appropriate inspector is satisfied that the application and the proposed work comply with the provisions of this chapter and the appropriate regulatory codes, he shall issue such permit, upon payment of the proper fees as hereinafter provided in section 5-49.
   (b)   Limitations. No building permit shall be issued for any building or structure the estimated total cost of which is more than thirty thousand dollars ($30,000.00) unless the work is to be performed by a licensed general contractor. Where any provision of the General Statutes or any provision of this Code or other town ordinance requires that work be done by a licensed specialty contractor of any kind, no permit for such work shall be issued unless it is to be performed by such licensed specialty contractor. Where detailed plans and specifications are required under this chapter, no building permit shall be issued unless such plans and specifications have been provided.
(Code 1977, §§ 7-24, 7-25) (Ord. No. 2019-07, § I, 8-6-19; Ord. No. 2022-05, § I, 4-5-22)