Sec. 3-6. Keeping of certain animals prohibited.
   No person may keep within the town any wild animal or livestock. For purposes of this section, livestock shall include horses, mules, cows, pigs, hogs, goats, sheep and all other animals that typically are kept primarily for productive or useful purposes rather than as pets. Wild animals shall include an animal that typically is found in a non-domesticated state and that, because of its size or vicious propensity or because of its poisonous or venomous nature or for any other substantial reason poses a potential danger to persons, other animals or property, or is classified as a wild animal by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission so that any person wishing to possess the same is required by state law to obtain a permit from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.
   The owner of a mainland property greater than one (1) acre shall be permitted to own, harbor, or possess up to ten (10) chickens, provided the following conditions are met:
   (a)   All chickens are female in gender,
   (b)   The chickens are owned by the property owner,
   (c)   The chicken containment structure must be at least ten (10) feet from adjacent property lines and located at the rear of the property,
   (d)   The property owner contains said chickens and does not allow chickens to run at large,
   (e)   The property owner maintains chicken facilities in a clean and healthy condition,
   (f)   The property owner collects chicken waste from the containment area weekly and store the said waste in a designated compost pile at least twenty-five (25) feet from any adjacent property line.
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