Sec. 18-38. Consumers outside town limits.
   (a)   Water and sewer services from the system shall be supplied to persons or premises outside the corporate limits only upon proper application to the department of public utilities,and upon the condition that such users shall comply in all respects with all rules and regulations prescribed or that may be adopted by the council concerning such use. In order to qualify for service outside town limits, the applicant must hold a nonprofit designation serving the residents of Surf City. Water from the municipal water system shall be supplied to owner/customers outside the town limits only through meter service, and the minimum charge to any owner/customer shall be double the rate or charge prescribed for meter service inside such corporate limits, unless otherwise provided by the council.
   (b)   Connections to the town's water and sewer system by property owners outside the corporate limits may require the installation of a service connection line of a length greater than sixty (60) feet in order to reach the property line of the applicant. In all such cases, the property owner applying for connection shall be responsible for either full payment of all costs incurred by the town to make the connection, or the standard tap fee, whichever is greater.
   (c)   Prior to making the connection, the owner shall deposit with the town an amount equal to the total estimated cost of such connection. Upon receipt of such funds, a written contract shall be entered into by and between the town and the property owner in accordance with the requirements of this ordinance. Such contract shall provide that in the event the amount of the total funds deposited exceeds the amount of the total connection cost when completed, that portion in excess of the total cost shall be refunded to the owner without interest. Such contract shall also provide that if the amount deposited is less than the total cost, the owner shall pay such additional amount to the town.
(Ord. No. 1992-1, 1-7-92; Ord. No. 1995-13, § 1, 8-7-95; Ord. No. 2021-09, 5-4-21)