Sec. 18-33. Special permit.
   (a)   When required. Water from the town waterworks system shall not be taken or used for any purpose other than domestic or for the supply of manufacturing, business or other buildings until a special permit shall have been issued therefor by the public utilities department, except as otherwise expressly permitted by ordinance.
   (b)   Application. An application for a special permit to use water from the municipal system in the construction or repair of buildings or for any other construction or repair work shall be made to the director of public utilities upon such prepared form as may be provided for such purpose by the department. The character of the work for which the water is to be used and the estimated quantities of work shall be scheduled on the form provided, and all the items on the form shall be filled in or answered and certified to by the owner of such premises or the contractor of the work to be done. An estimate of the value of water shall be prepared by the director and a bill rendered for the resultant charge. Upon payment of the bill, a permit will be issued by the department, which permit must be posted and kept in a conspicuous place on the premises or location where the work is being done. Should the permit be lost or destroyed, the department will supply a duplicate, for which a charge will be made. Water must not be turned on or used until the permit shall be posted as above required. In case it shall be discovered that the water has been turned on or used before the posting of the permit, the water will be turned off by the department. Should it appear that the applicant for water to be used in the construction or repair of buildings or other construction or repair of buildings or other construction work has misrepresented the quantity of work to be done, the supply of water to such party shall immediately be shut off and not be turned on again until a true and revised estimate of the quantity of such work is submitted, nor until the charge for the water for the additional work shall be paid to the department.
(Ord. No. 1992-1, 1-7-92; Ord. No. 2021-09, 5-4-21)