Sec. 18-31. Complaints; adjustments.
   (a)   If the owner/customer believes his bill to be in error, he shall present his claim in person at the town office before the bill becomes delinquent. Such claim, if made after the bill has become delinquent, shall not be effective in preventing discontinuance of service as provided in this section. The owner/customer may pay such bill under protest, and such payment shall not prejudice his claim.
   (b)   The town will make special meter readings at the request of the owner/customer for a fee for each meter; provided, that if such special reading discloses that the meter was overread, no charge will be made.
   (c)   Meters will be tested at the request of the owner/customer upon payment to the town of the actual cost of making the test; provided, that if the meter is found to over register beyond five (5) percent of the correct volume, no charge will be made.
   (d)   If the seal of a meter is broken by other than the town's representative or if the meter fails to register correctly or is stopped for any cause, the owner/customer shall pay an amount estimated from the record of his previous bills or from other proper data.
   (e)   Adjustments of water and/or sewer bills may be approved by the town manager for any of the following reasons:
      (1)   Actual evidence of a water leak in which the water did not enter the sewer system; in such instances, the sewer charges may be adjusted based on the estimated volume of water that did not enter the sewer system.
      (2)   A determination that an unusual meter reading was caused by or could reasonably have been caused by a meter malfunction.
      (3)   A determination that principles of fairness, equity, basic cost recovery, and/or service quality will be best or reasonably served by an adjustment.
   In considering adjustment requests, the town manager shall make reasonable efforts to ensure the recovery of any costs actually incurred by the town in providing service. Requests for adjustments must normally be made before a bill becomes delinquent.
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