Sec. 18-25. Responsibilities and liability of town.
   (a)   The town shall run service lines from its distribution and collection lines to the property line where the distribution and collection lines exist and run immediately adjacent and parallel to the property to be served, for which a service charge shall be made for each such new service where a five-eighths inch or three-fourths-inch meter is installed.
   (b)   The town may install its meter at the property line or, at the town's option, on the owner's property or in a location mutually agreed upon.
   (c)   When two (2) or more meters are to be installed on the same premises for different customers, each meter shall be clearly marked to show to which customer it is designated.
   (d)   The owner is responsible for having his piping and apparatus properly permitted and installed and for calling for inspections required by the building code.
   (e)   The town reserves the right to refuse service unless the owner's lines or piping are installed in such a manner as to prevent cross connections or backflow.
   (f)   The town shall not be liable for damage of any kind resulting from water or the use of water on the premises, unless such damage results directly from negligence on the part of the town. The town shall not be responsible for any damage done by or resulting from any defect in the piping, fixtures or appliances on the owner's premises. The town shall not be responsible for the negligence of third persons or forces beyond the control of the town, which result in any interruption of service.
   (g)   Under normal conditions, the owner/customer will be notified of any anticipated interruption of service.
   (h)   The town will be responsible for maintaining that portion of the sanitary sewer system that extends from the main to the edge of the public right-of-way.
(Ord. No. 1992-1, 1-7-92; Ord. No. 2001-2, §§ 6, 9, 1-8-01; Ord. No. 2021-09, 5-4-21)