Sec. 18-4. Permit for connection required.
   (a)   No person shall connect with the water or sewer system of the town until and unless he has applied in writing for permission to do so to the department of public utilities. The application shall be accompanied by a plan or drawing showing the location of the building and the entire proposed connection from the public water and sewer lines through the building to its termination, including the location of all fixtures, traps, ventilating pipes, etc. The application shall state the number of the place, the name of the street and the name of applicant. A copy of the application and permit shall be retained by the department of public utilities. All connections shall be inspected before they are covered.
   (b)   No owner shall fail to connect to the town's water and sewer system and any disconnection of service shall make the structure and appurtenance both unfit for human habitation and unusable for any commercial purpose whatsoever.
   (c)   System development and tap-on fees shall be determined by the council from time to time. All monies collected under the provisions and terms of this section shall be deposited in a capital reserve fund. All newly created or constructed units, whether residential or commercial, shall be required to pay any and all required water and sewer system development fees upon presentation of written application for permit for connection to the town’s water and sewer systems, as described in section 18-4(a), and shall be required to pay any and all tap-on fees before the issuance of building permits.
   (d)   As quickly as possible, but in no case longer than twelve (12) months after the issuance of the sewer collection system permit and flow allocation thereof, the applicant/owner of the proposed sewer collection system and connection to the town sewer infrastructure must obtain all other permits required or other entitlements necessary for the construction of the improvements on the property for which the sewer permit is sought. Notwithstanding the provisions described above, if, upon the expiration of the twelve (12)-month period specified therein, the applicant/owner to whom a sewer collection system permit and flow allocation has been issued requires, but has not obtained: (i) a permit or permits authoring connection to the town water system; and (ii) a permit or permits and all other permits required or other entitlements necessary for the construction of the improvements on the property for which the sewer permit is sought; the town, as permittee for said sewer collection system permit shall submit a formal request to the appropriate regulatory agency and pursue necessary actions to reduce the flow allocation of said permit to zero (0) gallons per day. After which, applicant/owner shall be subject to any and all enforcement actions available to the town, and all other applicable local, state, and federal agencies, relative to the illegal and unapproved use of said sewer collection system permit. No refund of any and all paid system development fees, permit fees, or application fees shall be made to owner/applicant that fails to demonstrate proof of requirements set forth herein.
   (e)   Owner/applicant may reapply to town for sewer collection system permit for flow allocation greater than zero (0) gallons per day, as may be available. The town does not warrant or guarantee the availability of such flow allocation to owner/applicant at the time of demonstration of proof of met requirements described in subsection 18-4(d), above.
   (f)   The sewer collection permit will be declared void if the holder of said permit does not submit evidence to the town that he has picked up a building permit within fifteen (15) days after the issuance of the sewer connection permit.
   (g)   A sewer permit is applicable only to the property for which it is issued and is not transferable to other properties. The permit shall be valid so long as a valid building permit is in force, however, connection to the sewer must occur within one (1) year of the date of issuance of the sewer permit. Sewer connection fees paid for permits which are later declared void for any reasons stated above will not be refunded.
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