Sec. 2-101. Appointment policy.
   (a)   Generally. The policy of the town governing appointments to the various boards and committees made by the council is as follows:
      (1)   Any citizen or property owner of the town is eligible to serve on the appointed boards and committees of the town where such appointment is not prohibited by state statute.
      (2)   All appointments will be made according to the ordinance that created that board or committee.
      (3)   All appointees to boards and committees of the town shall serve at the pleasure of the town council and may be removed by the council at any time. If any member does not, in any given twelve-month period, attend at least two-thirds (2/3) of the meetings of the body to which he or she has been appointed, that person's appointment shall automatically expire. The council may, at its discretion, reinstate an appointee whose term has expired under these rules.
      (4)   Appointee must uphold town policies pertaining to the committee he serves.
   (b)   Filling vacancies. The procedures for filling vacancies for appointed positions are as follows:
      (1)   Thirty (30) days prior to the terms expiring, the town clerk will notify the council and will mail a notice to each person who is eligible for reappointment requesting information on his interest in continuing to serve. If an application is not on file, one will be requested at this time.
      (2)   The list of upcoming appointments will be advertised in the local newspaper at the same time council receives notification in order to provide citizens with an opportunity to indicate their interest in serving.
      (3)   At the same time council receives notification of upcoming appointments, each councilmember will be provided forms which nominations for each appointment may be made. Prior to the fifteenth day of the month, councilmembers should submit nomination for upcoming vacancies to the town clerk. Councilmembers will be provided a copy of new resumes from citizens for up-coming appointments as they are received.
      (4)   During review of nominations for upcoming appointments, council may request the town manager's assistance in obtaining any pertinent background information.
      (5)   "Appointments" will be made at the council's next monthly meeting in which the appointment is due.
      (6)   The town clerk shall prepare a letter of notification to the appointee and a copy to the affected board, notifying each of the appointment. This letter will include a congratulation statement, the time, date, and place of the first meeting he is to begin service. If an individual is not reappointed, he will be sent a letter of appreciation by the mayor at the expiration of his term, thanking him for the past service rendered.
(Res. of 11-4-85, § 2; Ord. No. 1993-1, § 1, 1-5-93; Ord. No. 2000-20-A, 8-1-00)