Sec. 17-66. Skating on streets or sidewalks; riding on handlebars, etc., of bicycle.
   (a)   It shall be unlawful to skate or go upon roller-skates or skateboards on any of the streets or sidewalks within the boundaries of the town, except as outlined in the following:
      (1)   The posted speed limit is twenty- five (25) mph or less.
      (2)   Riders must yield to any pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
      (3)   Riders may cross a street that has a posted speed limit greater than twenty-five (25) mph.
      (4)   Riders may operate on town sidewalks. Riders must yield to pedestrians while on any town sidewalk. Pedestrians shall have the right-of-way on sidewalks. In the case of any doubt of safe and untouched passage by a pedestrian, riders shall stop or dismount, until the pedestrian passes.
   (b)   It shall be unlawful for any person to skate upon the following:
      (1)   The Surf City Bridge Multi-Use Path;
      (2)   Any municipal owned parking lot; or
      (3)   Public parking lots which have posted signs restricting such activity.
   (c)   It shall be unlawful for the operator of a bicycle, when upon any street of the town, to carry any person upon the handlebars of any such bicycle.
      (1)   A front-mount child bicycle seat may be utilized for the proper carrying of a child when mounted and used in coordination with manufacturers safety guidelines.
(Code 1977, § 16-34; Ord. No. 1990-13, 6-12-90; Ord. No. 2020-09, 8-21-20; Ord. No. 2021-08, 5-4-21)