Sec. 17-51. Speed limits.
   Except in those cases in which speed limits differing from those provided by state law have been adopted by ordinance of the council and have been made effective by the adoption of a concurring ordinance by the state board of transportation where required by state law, and by the erection within the town of signs giving notice of the authorized speed limits, the speed limits established by state law shall apply within the town. A schedule of all authorized variations from such limits, together with copies of ordinances of the council and of the state board of transportation authorizing such variations, where required by state law, shall be maintained on file in the office of the town clerk.
(Code 1977, § 16-19; Ord. No. 2021-08, 5-4-21)
Cross reference— Speed limit on beaches, § 4-32.
State law reference— Speed restrictions generally, G.S. 20-141, 20-144, 20-169.