Sec. 16-102. Permit.
   (a)   Required. No procession, parade, and/or entertainment shall occupy, stand, march or proceed along any street or any other public place, nor shall any person conduct any public or private meeting on any street or other public place in the town, except in accordance with a permit issued by the town through the special event permit process an such other regulations as are set forth in this article which may apply.
   (b)   Application; to the town shall review the route of parade or procession, etc. A written application shall be made to the Special Events Committee by any person desiring to have a parade, procession or meeting, setting forth the object, time, place and route of the parade or procession or the object, time and place of the meeting. The Special Event Committee shall have authority to designate the route of the parade or procession and the portion of the streets or other public places to be used in such a way as to avoid as much as possible the obstruction or impediment of public travel or public business. The Special Event committee may refuse to issue a permit for a parade, procession or meeting, unless application therefor is filed with them at least sixty (60) days before the time thereof.
(Code 1977, §§ 20-12, 20-13; Ord. No. 2020-06, § I, 7-7-20; Ord. No. 2021-07, § 1 (part), 4-6-2021)