Sec. 16-83. Owners to purchase numbers.
   (a)   Every property owner of improved property shall purchase and display in a conspicuous place on the street side of the house, the number assigned which shall be at least six (6) inches in height and of a contrasting color.
   (b)   Every property owner of an improved ocean-front lot shall place their assigned street number on the ocean side of the primary structure located thereon. The numbers are to be placed on the right corner of the structure closest to the beach (house, porch, deck, etc.) The address shall be visible from the beach. The right side of the structure shall be that side located on the right when looking at the structure from the beach. The four-inch numbers shall be placed on an 18-inch by six-inch green aluminum placard. If the address contains more than four (4) characters the placard length can be increased to accommodate the additional characters. The uniformity of street numbers required by this section will greatly assist emergency services in fulfilling their duties when called upon to do so.
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