12.2   Action by the planning board; planning board consideration.
   The planning board shall consider and make recommendations to the town council concerning each proposed zoning amendment or any other applicable development regulation. When conducting a review of proposed zoning text or map amendments pursuant to this section, the planning board shall advise and comment on whether the proposed action is consistent with any comprehensive plan that has been adopted and any other officially adopted plan that is applicable. The planning board shall provide a written recommendation to the governing board that addresses plan consistency and other matters as deemed appropriate by the planning board, but a comment by the planning board that a proposed amendment is inconsistent with the comprehensive plan shall not preclude consideration or approval of the proposed amendment by the town council. If a zoning map amendment qualifies as a "large-scale rezoning" under G.S. 160D-602(b), the planning board statement describing plan consistency may address the overall rezoning and describe how the analysis and policies in the relevant adopted plans were considered in the recommendation made.
(Ord. No. 2020-10, 12-1-20)