12.1   Amending the ordinance.
   The town council may amend the text regulations and zoning map according to the following procedures. The following action shall be taken by the applicant:
   1)   Initiation of amendments. Proposed amendments may be initiated by the town council, planning board, board of adjustment, town staff, or by one (1) or more interested parties.
   2)   Proposed zoning ordinance text or map amendments shall be submitted at least twenty (20) working days in advance of the planning board meeting at which they are to be first considered.
   3)   An application fee, as set by the town council, shall be charged for amendment requests and shall accompany the amendment application.
   4)   Completed applications and supporting data must accompany the fee in order to be considered as a valid proposal for a text amendment or map amendment for the board meeting deadline.
   5)   No amendment to zoning regulations or a zoning map that down-zones property shall be initiated nor is it enforceable without the written consent of all property owners whose property is the subject of the down-zoning amendment, unless the down-zoning amendment is initiated by the town. For purposes of this section, "down-zoning" means a zoning ordinance that affects an area of land in one of the following ways:
      a)   By decreasing the development density of the land to be less dense than was allowed under its previous usage.
      b)   By reducing the permitted uses of the land fewer uses than were allowed under its previous usage.
(Ord. No. 2020-10, 12-1-20)