6.18   Provisions enforcement.
   The provisions of this ordinance shall be enforced by the town planner or designee. Whenever the town planner becomes aware of any violation of this ordinance, he/she shall notify the record owner of the property of such violation by certified mail addressed to the owner at the address upon the tax records of the town. The notice shall inform the owner of the violation and requirement that such sign be removed or conformed to the ordinance within thirty (30) days of the date of the notice.
   In the interest of public safety, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, the town planner is further authorized to remove signs installed upon the right-of-way of any street.
   Note: Developers of commercial and residential projects are encouraged to present a comprehensive project plan as part of the design package presented to the planning board.
(Ord. No. 2007-36, 8-7-07; Ord. No. 2020-10, 12-1-20)