6.6   Commercial and business signs; size computations.
   1)   Sign area limitations for individual lots with no more than two (2) uses or units within the commercial districts shall be computed on the uniform and equitable basis of street frontage. Such sign area shall be limited to one and one-half (1½) square feet of usable sign face for each linear foot of frontage. Inside signs are not included in the computations. (Example: fifty (50) ft. lot is entitled to seventy-five (75) sq. ft. of signage.)
   2)   Signage for shopping center, malls and other multi-tenant buildings (three (3) or more units) shall be based on the following:
   a)   Signage for each unit or tenant shall be based on one (1) square foot of signage for every linear foot of the unit building wall facing the main street or access depending whichever applies.
   b)   Maximum of two (2) signs per unit or tenant.
   c)   Shopping Centers, malls and other multi-tenant buildings are allowed two (2) multi- tenant sign per street frontage not to exceed ninety-six (96) square feet per sign and six (6) feet in height. Signs must have a minimum separation of five hundred (500) feet and meet all required setbacks.
   d)   Individual tenants/units of the shopping center (excluding out parcels) are not permitted free standing signs.
   e)   The property owner or management company must sign all permits for signage.
   f)   All lighting shall be done in compliance with the Town of Surf City lighting ordinance.
   3)   Lots fronting on two (2) or more streets shall compute the permitted sign area for each street separately and shall not transfer sign area from one frontage to another frontage of said lot.
   4)   Lots fronting on street and estuarine shoreline shall be computed as if two (2) streets. The permitted sign area shall not transfer from one frontage to another frontage of said lot.
   5)   The total square footage of all signs, except indoor signs, shall be limited to the above computation and is subject to the additional limitations and restrictions set forth in this section.
   6)   Itinerant merchant signs shall comply with the square footage requirement of the lot on which they are located.
   7)    Sig ns att ach ed to the int erior side of a window or door of commercial use are permitted provided that all such signs both (temporary and permanent) do not exceed a combined maximum of twenty-five (25) percent of the total window area.
(Ord. No. 2007-36, 8-7-07; E-mail of 3-20-12(A); Ord. No. 2020-10, 12-1-20)