6.3   Signs permitted in all districts.
   1)    The following signs shall be permitted in all districts:
   a)   Directional and information signs: Directional and informational signs erected and maintained by public agencies and governmental bodies.
   b)   American or North Carolina flags of reasonable size may be displayed for patriotic reasons, provided proper flag etiquette is observed.
   c)   Flags and insignia of any sovereign government.
   d)   Residential identification signs not exceeding twenty-four (24) square feet in area and bearing only property owner’s name, name of hometown, cottage name, etc. This sign computation shall compose of text combined with any accompanying and contiguous artwork.
   e)   Professional and/or home occupation signs in residential areas: One (1) sign per lot not to exceed six (6) square feet located at least seven and one-half (7½) feet from the property lines, except side abutting street so that it rests on and is contained entirely on private property. Where side yards are required, no sign shall be permitted in the required side yard.
   f)   Integral decorative or architectural features of buildings.
   g)   Signs directing and guiding traffic and parking on private property, but bearing no advertising matter.
   h)   Bulletin boards: Churches, schools, community centers and other public institutions may erect one (1) sign or bulletin board not exceeding thirty-two (32) square feet in area for the purpose of displaying the name of the institution and related information. The signs may be used as wall signs or shall be located a minimum of seven and one-half (7½) feet from property lines. Where side yards are required, no sign shall be permitted in the required side yards. The signs may be illuminated in accordance with the lighting ordinance. If location is in a commercial area, C-1 or MU zoning applies.
   i)   Construction signs: During the construction, repair, or alteration of a structure, a temporary construction sign, or signs, which denote the architect, engineer, contractor, subcontractor or builder, or which denotes the name of the structure and its use or occupants to be may be placed within the lot side of the required yard setback as a ground or wall sign. The dimensions of the sign shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet in area. When multiple signs are used they shall be limited to six (6) square feet each and they shall be grouped. All construction site signs shall be removed when the building has been approved for occupancy by the building inspector. Larger signs exceeding thirty-two (32) square feet issued by the board of adjustment.
   j)   Nonconforming, signs, unless destroyed or deteriorated to a degree that fifty (50) percent of the display area of the sign has been rendered illegible or condemned under articles 14 or 15 of the Town Code.
   k)   All non-permitted signs on the effective date of this ordinance shall comply with this ordinance by November 1, 1994.
(Ord. No. 2007-36, 8-7-07; Ord. No. 2019-05, § I (part), 8-6-19; Ord. No. 2020-10, 12-1-20)