5.18   Unbuildable Oceanfront Lots.
   5.18.1 Compliance. Decks and crossovers shall be permitted provided that they meet all state, federal and the following local requirements:
   5.18.2 Permit required. A deck or crossover shall not be permitted until a zoning permit and building permit, as applicable, have been approved.
   5.18.3 Size. All decks and crossovers are limited to a single level. Decks are limited to five hundred (500) square feet, with a maximum of two hundred (200) square feet being covered.
   5.18.4 Parking. A twenty-four (24) foot wide access driveway may be constructed for the owner’s access to the deck or crosswalk.
   5.18.5 Uses. Property may not be used for construction of pools, overnight stays, RV hookups, or any commercial uses.
   5.18.6 Addressing. Addresses shall be posted on the street side and the Oceanside of any deck structure.
   5.18.7 Lighting. All lighting shall be located on the interior rails of the decking or under a roof structure. No lighting shall shine directly onto the beachfront.
(Ord. No. 2019-01, § 1 (part), 1-2-19; Ord. No. 2020-10, 12-1-20)