5.17   Swimming pool.
   5.17.1 Compliance. Swimming pools, spas and hot tubs shall be permitted provided that they meet all state, federal and the following local requirements:
   5.17.2 Permit required. A swimming pool, spa or hot tub shall not be constructed, installed, enlarged or altered until a zoning permit has been issued. (Exception: Pools, hot tubs and spas located within the foot print of the principal structure are exempt from obtaining a zoning permit.)
   5.17.3 Location. Swimming pools shall be setback a minimum distance of five (5) feet from all property lines. In no case shall a swimming pool be placed seaward of the toe of a primary or frontal dune.
   5.17.4 Swimming pools located in Coastal Forest Overlay District (CFOD). A maximum four (4) foot concrete border is permitted around an in ground swimming pool only. Larger borders may be allowed if required by the Pender or Onslow County Health Department.
(Ord. No. 2007-33, 7-5-07; Ord. No. 2020-10, 12-1-20)