5.16   Cruise/excursion/dinner boat.
   Harbor or mooring of any existing or proposed cruise/excursion/dinner boat, whether on an incidental, occasional, routine, or permanent basis shall only occur within lands abutting navigable waters.
   A required operation plan shall be submitted to the town planner. This plan shall include proposed hours of operation, a plan or plans to scale of the marina and any other proposed ports of call denoting on site commercial facilities to service the boat, location of proposed berth area, ingress and egress route from the berth within the marina to the main channel; and the minimum dimensions between commercial slips through which the boat will pass. The plan shall denote the location(s) or area within the commercial marina dedicated as berthing areas for non power watercraft, and personal recreational watercraft. The plan shall also include the dimensions and seating capacity of the boat.
   The boat must be equipped with radar, meet all Coast Guard requirements for the class, must not exceed eighty (80) feet in length; hull design for minimal wake.
   Pier mooring shall meet all applicable commercial code requirements. Flotation shall be a minimum of forty (40) lbs. per sq. ft. of live load.
   The mooring area and pier should directly access the boat. Common use of pier area serving existing residential or recreational craft or interference with private boats pier users in the marina or private pier area is not permitted.
   Public restrooms facilities and an adequate effluent pump out station is required at the marina.
   Adequate on site parking at the marina facility must be provided to specifically service this usage.
   Hours of operation are between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight.
   Any amplified sound for recreational, or entertainment is permitted only during the prescribed hours of operation. Any amplification of sound is to be directed to within the boat.
   Operations outside of the marina is restricted to the main channel of the intercoastal waterway or greater than two hundred (200) feet from the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.
(Ord. No. 2020-10, 12-1-20)