4.17   Allowed setback encroachments for residential structures.
   1.   Unroofed structures, i.e. walkways, stairways, decks, etc., may encroach into one-half (½) of the side yard setback requirement.
   2.   Also, sills, cornices, eaves, gutters, ornamental features, and similar items may not project into any setback more than thirty (30) inches.
   3.   Roofed structures not exceeding twelve (12) feet in width may encroach a maximum of two (2) feet into the side setback.
   4.   Stoops for air-conditioners may encroach into the side setbacks, but may only be constructed large enough to accommodate the unit.
   5.   Access stoops for electrical service boxes may encroach into the side setbacks, but may be no larger than three (3) foot by three (3) foot stoop with stairs.
(Ord. No. 2006-51, 12-5-06; Ord. No. 2011-08, 11-1-11; Ord. No. 2020-10, 12-1-20)
Editor's note—Ord. No. 2011-08, adopted Nov. 1, 2011, retitled Appendix A, § 4.17 from "Allowed setback encroachments" to "Allowed setback encroachments for residential structures."